Vintage Goods

The secret to distinctive home decor is knowing how to pull off a "mix and match" using the "best of the best". The trendy, timeless pieces that we have curated for you here at Bargain Vintage Finds will help you get started.

We’ve all been awed by them — those talented homeowners who somehow manage to turn a tangle of styles, eras, and shades into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. How do they do it? Sprawling and filled to distraction, Bargain Vintage Finds is like the collective attic of your eccentric grandma and her best friends. Here, you can find vintage furniture, art, and home goods in all varieties, from "vintage" to "shabby chic".

Nothing quite matches, which is precisely the point.


Bargain Vintage Finds
3839 E Broadway Ave.
Moses Lake, WA

Conveniently located directly behind Bargain Town Second Hand

Open Tues-Sat 10-4
Call 509-989-7546